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Man jailed for threatening to hack policewoman's head off

A man who dragged a policewoman to the ground and threatened to hack her head off while high on drink and drugs has been jailed for six months.

Jamie Corry also tried to knock her male colleague of his motorbike during a violent outbreak in the centre of Belfast, prosecutors said.

Police came under attack from the 22-year-old and his ex-partner as they performed traffic duties during Orange Order parades on July 13 last year.

The female constable was subjected to verbal abuse after being alerted to a row between the pair on May Street.

Both of the accused then punched her to the head, knocking her hat off.

Corry, of Woodstock Road in the city, then grabbed the officer by the hair and neck, dragging her to the ground.

A prosecution lawyer said the constable was in fear, threatened to use CS spray and called for assistance.

Belfast Magistrates' Court heard another officer arrived, only to face attempts to push him off his motorbike as he tried to detain the pair.

It was claimed that Corry struggled violently, shouting, swearing, spitting and kicking out at the police.

"Following his arrest he threatened (the female) constable that he would hack her head off, and also threatened (the male) constable that he was a dead man."

Although his co-accused was not before the court today, Corry faced charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, disorderly behaviour, threats to kill, attempted criminal damage and possession of Class A cocaine.

Defence counsel Sean Mullan said his client had taken too much drink and drugs, leaving him with a limited memory of events.

But he accepted it was a "wholly unsavoury and nasty incident" for which Corry wanted to apologise to the police officers.

The barrister continued: "This was a day out that started with good intentions and a jovial atmosphere, but quickly spiraled into a sinister set of circumstances."

Corry has since split up with his co-accused, and was at a low point in his life following a previous punishment attack and exclusion from south Belfast, the court heard.

Imposing the six-month prison sentence, District Judge Peter King told him: "It's quite clear you have a problem both with police officers and drug consumption."

Acknowledging Corry's guilty pleas, Mr King added: "The very clearest message has to be sent out that if you engage in this way with police officers going about their lawful duty you are going to end up in prison."

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