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Man jailed for threats to kill his partner, children

By Alan Erwin

A man has been jailed for threatening to kill his partner and two young children if deported to the Irish Republic.

Dennis Williams received a three-month prison sentence after being convicted of making the threats to a doctor in Belfast.

The 30-year-old, whose nationality remains uncertain, had emphatically denied the charges and insisted there had been a misunderstanding.

He claimed instead to have stated that if deportation was enforced both him and his partner would kill themselves.

If that happened his children would then die, according to his account.

Williams, with an address at Crocus Street in Belfast, faced threats to kill charges over an incident in February.

The city's Magistrates' Court heard he had been referred by the Home Office to a medical practice on the Springfield Road.

Giving evidence in the case, Dr Kate McBride said: "He stated he would kill himself and his family if he were deported." But asked by his barrister if he had made any threats about anyone other than himself, Williams replied: "Never."

Defence counsel argued that the accused should not be found guilty of anything said in his desperation to keep his family in the UK.

However, District Judge Fiona Bagnall backed the GP's account and prosecution submissions that the charges related to comments made, regardless of whether he had any intention.

Williams was handed down a three-month prison sentence.


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