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Man kidnapped and beaten by gang in Derry

By Donna Deeney

Detectives in Londonderry are appealing for information following a report of an abduction.

While the incident happened last week, on the evening of May 10, the 28-year-old victim only came forward to the police this week.

He said that three men jumped out of a red car which had pulled up alongside him as he walked along the Circular Road.

The man said they dragged him into the car and drove off with |him to the top of Springfield |Road.

He was taken away, beaten with a bat and then abandoned across the border in Muff, Co Donegal.

Foyle MP, Mark Durkan, said such acts of violence are not wanted by the local community.

He added: “No one has the right to dispense their own style of vigilante justice in this way.

“My message to those responsible is that they should lay-off and go away. These people are not wanted and just because they think they can get away with it does not mean there is any support for their actions.

“People here have known violence in the past and are glad to have moved away from it.

“No one wants us to be plunged back.

“Those intent on bringing these acts of terror to our streets will not succeed.

“I urge anyone with information about this vicious attack to pass it on to the police so that those responsible can be apprehended and brought to justice.”

These sentiments were echoed by Foyle MLA Pat Ramsey who said: “Incidents like this abduction and assault are stopping our community from healing and putting out the wrong message about the city.

“Derry has so much to offer, currently and for the future, particularly with the City of Culture year next year, and violence against members of our community, whatever so-called justification the perpetrators cling to, will never help us move forward. In fact it is jeopardising any hope of improving Derry’s national and international reputation.

“I offer my sympathies and good wishes to the man who was abducted and wholeheartedly condemn the incident.

“I also call on anyone with any information to give it to the police immediately or to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111”.

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