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Man killed in 'frenzied' stabbing

A murdered man was killed in a frenzied stabbing, police have revealed.

Kevin Fletcher, 32, was found dead at his Armagh home by his girlfriend a week ago.

The unemployed man was vulnerable and defenceless, police said.

Detective Chief Inspector Richard Harkness said: "This was a frenzied attack on a man who lived alone and was unable to defend himself against someone who was intent on causing utterly horrific injuries.

"I have no doubt that this attack on Kevin was unprovoked. We have yet to establish a motive for this murder, but we are studying a number of lines of inquiry."

He said those closest to the victim were inconsolable with grief.

Mr Harkness made an appeal to the public to help trace Kevin's last movements.

"We know that Kevin was at a local bingo hall with his mother until around 10pm last Thursday night. Kevin's father took Mrs Fletcher to a local bar and then took Kevin home, where he stayed and watched television with him until approximately 10.30pm," he said.

"It was usual for Kevin to walk his dog around the apartment complex where he lived at around 11pm.

"We are appealing for anyone who was in Castle Street Armagh, between 10.30pm on Thursday night and 11.45am on Friday morning, and saw a man walking a small brown terrier type dog, or just the dog on its own, to come and talk to us."


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