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Man 'laughed and smiled' during alleged sex attack on teen

An alleged sex attacker "laughed and smiled" while telling his teenage schoolboy victim "it will be alright," a jury heard today.

The Belfast Crown Court jury of three men and nine women also heard allegations that having performed a sex act on the 15-year-old boy, James Oisin Gunn told him "you have to do it to me now".

Gunn (20) from Windermere Park in Belfast, denies charges including attempted rape, and two of sexually assaulting the 15-year-old by touching him inappropriately and another victim by giving him a "love bite".

The jury have heard the alleged incidents happened when Gunn and the two boys were on an Irish speaking weekend in June 2011.

Today a taped video interview the police had with the 15-year-old alleged victim was played to the court, where the jury saw and heard him allege that when Gunn came back from the toilet, Gunn "got on top of me" and started groping him.

"I tried to push him away but he wasn't for stopping," the boy told the police officer.

The teenager claimed that Gunn pulled his trousers down and began to perform a sex act on him and that afterwards, "he said 'you have to do it to me now and he made me do it to him'."

"He was smiling and laughing saying 'you will be alright, you will be alright," claimed the schoolboy who further claimed that Gunn then allegedly tried to have sex with him."

When his alleged ordeal was over, he told the officer, Gunn quipped "this is great we can do this everytime - good times, good times."

Under cross examination from defence QC John McCrudden, the now 17-year-old denied the suggestion that before the alleged sex attack, "you exposed yourself to Gunn in the kitchen".

The lawyer asked him if when he was being molested "it ever occurred to you to just clock him...why didn't you just thump him," but the tearful teenager claimed his hands were stuck down the side of the chair and with Gunn allegedly on top of him "I couldn't get my hands up".

The trial continues.

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