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Man left scarred by dog as it's feared vicious animal that savaged pet cat has struck again

By Allan Preston

A 19-year-old man has been badly scarred after being attacked by a dog in Bangor.

Storm Jackson-Kerr from Kircubbin was on his way to visit a friend in the Gray's Hill area of the town when he was mauled on Sunday around 4.30pm by the whippet-like animal.

The incident came less than two days after a pet cat was savaged to death by a similar dog two miles away in Crawfordsburn.

Mr Jackson-Kerr's mother Tracey Jackson said her son was traumatised and required 11 stitches to his face and nose.

Both attacks have been reported to Ards and North Down Borough Council.

The council said yesterday it was investigating, and "would not rule out a link between the cases".

It added: "Anyone that witnessed or has information relating to either incident should contact the council's neighbourhood environment team on 0300 013 3333."

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Ms Jackson described the frightening mauling.

"My son said he was walking with a friend on Sunday afternoon when a dog just seemed to appear out of nowhere," she said.

"He crouched down a bit and the dog just launched on his face.

"He said it happened so quickly.

"His friend tried to get the dog off him, and it just fled and my son was left standing with a handful of blood.

"He has 11 stitches now inside his nose and on the bridge. He's traumatised by it, he went into shock at the time."

Mr Jackson-Kerr was taken to his friend's house to wait for an ambulance.

His mother said paramedics told her that her son would be left with permanent scars. They also alerted the PSNI to warn it the dog was running loose.

"God love my son, he's an animal lover too and he said it was glad it happened to him and not a child. I've a wee daughter and if it was her she wouldn't have stood a chance," said Ms Jackson.

She added that the similarities and close proximity of the attacks were alarming.

"That's the worrying thing, and that the dog who attacked my son is still at large and could go for somebody else," she said.

On Monday Maeve Marnell (below with her other cat George) from Crawfordsburn said her two-year-old rescue cat Maggie was mauled to death by a whippet-like dog, whose owner fled the scene.

The savaged animal was found on a path behind her home, which runs along the edge of Crawfordsburn Country Park.

"A neighbour took me back into the house and then my husband came in and said: 'She's gone, she's dead'. I sat in the kitchen holding her, just sobbing while she was covered in blood, it was just awful."

Neighbours who witnessed the attack saw two dogs - a Jack Russell and a whippet - along with a man aged around 20, who fled. Mrs Marnell said she believed illegal hunting for rabbits and badgers using dogs occurred regularly in Crawfordsburn.

"I'd urge anyone who has seen this person with the dogs to come forward. I think the dogs should be rehomed, I don't want them killed. It's not their fault, it's the owner's. If you're not going to be responsible with your pets, then you shouldn't have them," she said.

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