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Man linked to hooded gang photo, court told

A photograph of armed paramilitaries holding an alleged drug dealer hostage in a cellar led to a man being charged with making property available for terrorism, the High Court has heard.

Forensic comparisons were carried out between the picture, which was published in a local newspaper, and a Strabane house linked to James McGettigan.

Prosecutors claimed McGettigan's appearance is similar to that of one of five masked men depicted standing around a hooded and bound alleged drug dealer.

Stains found on the cellar walls were also used to try to establish a connection, the court heard.

The 46-year-old accused, of Urney Road, Strabane, was granted bail.

The charge against him is connected to an article in the Strabane Chronicle in May last year which contained a warning message from the Republican Action Against Drugs grouping.

After setting out his view that no real evidential advancements have been made, the judge said police could keep McGettigan under watch.

He granted bail on condition that the accused is electronically tagged and complies with a night-time curfew.

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