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Man nailed to table by UDA 'was victim of a set-up'

Attack: Paul Harbinson
Attack: Paul Harbinson

By Staff Reporter

The man whose hands were nailed to a table by UDA thugs in a horrific Islamic State style attack was set up by a friend.

Paul Harbinson (23) was betrayed by a man he had partied with at another friend's recent birthday party on the Shankill Road in Belfast.

This individual - a UDA member who cannot be named for legal reasons - was once exiled from the area for criminality.

But he was welcomed back into the terror gang when convicted killer Mo Courtney took control of the Lower Shankill.

On Thursday night the individual set up Paul Harbinson - one of his close friends - to please the UDA's local leadership, the Sunday Life reported.

A lower Shankill source said: "The fella who set him up is hated on the Shankill. He's a snake."

Friends of Harbinson - who is in a relationship with a young mother from Ballymena - say he was falsely accused of selling crystal meth by the UDA.

The allegation was the reason for Thursday night's 'crucifixion' attack by what is effectively one of the biggest drug dealing gangs in Belfast.

A number of masked UDA men forced their way into his home on Florence Walk, held him down and hammered a nail into each of his hands.

A loyalist source added: "The irony of this is not lost on local people. The UDA accusing someone of drug dealing is like Hitler accusing someone of being a fascist. They are the biggest drug dealing gang in Belfast."

Although designed to strike fear into the community, the attack is set to backfire on the UDA, which is now being compared to the barbaric Islamic State by locals.

The gang's west Belfast leader Matt Kincaid has been under pressure to axe Mo Courtney and his second-in-command Dee Coleman as leaders in the lower Shankill.

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