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Man on cars attack charge denies dealing drugs

By Ashleigh McDonald

A man who admitted taking drugs "24/7" but denied being a dealer has been freed on bail over an attack on three cars outside his ex-girlfriend's home.

Police who called at 31-year-old Wayne Michael Campbell's home to question him about the attack found a large bag of cannabis and three smaller bags of cocaine inside, the High Court heard.

Campbell is alleged to have attacked the vehicles in the Hawthorn area of Londonderry on June 21. He is said to have taken a hammer from his car and drunkenly smashed windows, as well as jumping on bonnets. He is also claimed to have kicked the door of the home, which had children inside, after he was denied entry to the property, before "staggering" off to the car he arrived in.

He was arrested at his home that day and found to be in possession of the drugs. When he was interviewed, he admitted taking drugs "24/7" but denied selling them and said he worked as a car dealer "on the side". He also claimed the attacked cars were his and that he would rather smash them up than let his ex have them. He additionally said he asked a friend to drive him to his ex's, but Michael Chambers, prosecuting, said witness accounts contradicted this.

The court also heard that on August 17 police received a call from Mr Campbell, placed from his ex's area, to report a burglary at his home. The defendant admitted this breached earlier bail conditions ordering him to stay out of Derry but said he had only been there to give a birthday present to one of his children.

Mr Justice O'Hara agreed to release Mr Campbell on bail on the condition that he has no contact with his ex "for any reason and under no circumstances".

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