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Man on trial accused of laundering bank's money

By Michael Donnelly

A 41-year-old Newtownabbey man has gone on trial in Belfast accused of helping a crooked bank official to launder money belonging to Santander bank.

The Crown Court heard that Patrick Hugh Thomas O'Halloran believed he was doing no wrong, but was helping the bank worker save for "IVF treatment", for which he would be paid between £60 and £90 per week.

O'Halloran, from Whitewell Crescent, denies a total of three charges alleged to have taken place between October 2011 and January 2012. He is accused of making an arrangement with former Santander employee Eamon Coyle to open bank accounts for money laundering.

He is also accused of receiving cash payments from Coyle of more than £300, and having bank cards for fraudulent use.

The court heard Coyle had pleaded guilty along with O'Halloran's brother John to involvement in money laundering.

During 2011, Coyle, who had worked in a Santander call centre, transferred more than £100,000 from a Santander holding account, firstly into his own account, and then into accounts opened by O'Halloran and his brother.

The court heard Patrick O'Halloran opened an account that he "thought it was legitimate".

At hearing.

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