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Man 'planned to kill himself in front of ex-girlfriend to make her suffer', judge told


A man accused of breaking into his ex-partner's home to launch a knife attack on a love rival planned to kill himself in front of her, the High Court heard today.

Christopher Moore claimed he smashed in through a living room window armed with a hammer and blade as part of a scheme to make his former girlfriend suffer by witnessing his suicide, a judge was told.

Police called to the blood-stained house in Tandragee, Co Amargh found his alleged victim with a 7-inch arm laceration so deep his muscle and tendons were exposed.

Moore also needed hospital treatment for injuries included a punctured lung and fractured skull and ribs.

The 53-year-old, of no fixed address, faces charges of possessing offensive weapons, criminal damage to a window belonging to Yvonne Metcalfe, and aggravated burglary to inflict grievous bodily harm on the other man.

He was refused bail due to the risk of re-offending.

Moore is accused of breaking into the Cornmarket Court property in the early hours of June 15.

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According to Robin Steer, prosecuting, Moore admitted to police having smashed the window with a hammer because he believed Ms Metcalfe wouldn't let him in.

"His case was he intended to commit suicide in front of his former partner so she would remember for the rest of her life what she had done to him," the barrister said.

Moore says he never intended to harm anyone else, but claimed he was then attacked with the hammer by the other man.

Opposing bail, Mr Steer said the accused seems not to have accepted either that his relationship with Ms Metcalfe has ended, or that she is with someone else.

Joel Lyndsay, defending, told the court that the break-up caused his client to suffer a nervous breakdown three days before the incident.

Events were then triggered when Ms Metcalfe failed to turn up for a meeting arranged by text messages, it was claimed.

"That set in action the whole nosey-parker situation where he went round to see what was going on and heard the voice of (the other man)," the barrister said.

"He had a couple of beers and when he heard another male was in the house he drank more alcohol and decided 'That's it, I'm going to kill myself'.

"He says he decided he would take the knife and was about to kill himself, but then decided 'No, I'm going to make her suffer. She has made me suffer so I'm going to make her suffer for the rest of her life'."

But Mr Justice Burgess dismissed suggestions that there was no plan to hurt anyone else.

"Committing suicide in front of somebody might not be physical harm, but it's clear from what he said that he intended to cause this woman long-term mental trauma," the judge said.

Accepting the alleged scheme was "nasty", Mr Lindsay stressed Moore's claims to have set the hammer down once he smashed the window.

The accused alleged that as he cried for his ex-partner to come into the room the other man appeared, lifted it and started to beat him.

Any knife wounds were inflicted as the blows rained down in him, it was claimed.

But refusing bail, Mr Justice Burgess pointed to a medical report which identified alcohol and mental health issues.

He said: "This seems to me to be a deep-seated problem and the risks of re-offending are still there."

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