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Man shot in the face plans to move out of his home

By Staff Reporter

A man shot in the face by two gunmen says he and his partner will have to move out of his north Belfast home.

Daniel Murray (53) and his partner Ciara Austin told reporters they did not think they would be able to remain in their St James Mews home following the attack.

Mr Murray was seriously injured and needed emergency surgery after the bullet passed through his cheek and neck before it exited through his shoulder.

The pizza delivery driver described Sunday night's attack as an attempt to execute him.

"It was one face shot, one head shot. They didn't aim for anywhere else," he said.

"I've no idea why, there was no warning.

"I've been given a second chance and I want to find out why.

"They are accusing me of drug dealing and I want them to prove it.

"They've branded me a drug dealer - and I'm not."

Mr Murray's partner Ciara said: "We've been left in limbo worrying if they will come back.

"We are just ordinary people living our lives - and we could have been burying Daniel today."

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