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Man stabbed neighbour in row over stolen clothes, Belfast court told


Belfast Magistrates' Court (Niall Carson/PA)

Belfast Magistrates' Court (Niall Carson/PA)

Belfast Magistrates' Court (Niall Carson/PA)

A 20-year-old man allegedly stabbed his neighbour while armed with a sword and knife, a court was told on Friday.

Eoin Burns is also accused of stealing clothes from the other man during an encounter at their south Belfast apartment complex.

Police then arrested the alleged stab victim, Denis McMahon, on suspicion of breaking into Burns' flat on the Lisburn Road less than two hours later.

Both men appeared at Belfast Magistrates' Court on charges connected to the two incidents early on Thursday morning.

Burns faces counts of possessing an offensive weapon - namely a sword and knife - assault occasioning actual bodily harm to McMahon, theft of personal items, disorderly behaviour, and assault on police.

Meanwhile, 21-year-old McMahon is accused of burglary, having a kitchen knife as a weapon, assault on police and criminal damage to a PSNI vehicle.

A detective said he was detained in the apartment of Burns, the man he blamed for stabbing him.

"A number of items (in the flat) were damaged, including a TV, oven door and shower door," the detective said.

McMahon then allegedly kicked an officer and a window in the police car.

By that stage Burns had already been arrested in connection with the suspected stabbing.

McMahon's barrister, Sean O'Hare, claimed his client went to the other defendant's property to retrieve his own garments.

"The person who stabbed him is the real catalyst for the offending here," Mr O'Hare contended.

But a solicitor for Burns instead insisted that he was the victim.

District Judge George Conner was told both accused have now lost their accommodation at the apartment complex.

He granted them bail on condition that the can find addresses suitable to police.

Adjourning the cases for four weeks, Mr Conner also ordered Burns and McMahon to have no contact with each other.

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