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Man stole £8k from mother to pay debts


A 24-year-old former drug addict who robbed £8,000-plus from the "bank of mum" to pay a loan company was allowed to remain a free man after a judge ruled he had learnt his lesson.

Michael Patrick McGlinchey was thousands in debt when he decided to solve his problems by going to his mother Maureen to use her Barclaycard without her permission to withdraw cash to pay off the loan company.

Judge Allistair Devlin said that, over a five-month period from March to August 2012, McGlinchey, of Kintyre, Antrim, stole £8,150 from his mother.

But Judge Devlin noted it was McGlinchey himself who finally came clean about the whole affair, and contacted the police in August of last year, co-operating with them and confessing to his crimes.

McGlinchey's forgiving mum was with him at Enniskillen Crown Court yesterday when Judge Devlin finally sentenced him to four months in jail, but suspended the term for two years.

The judge had deferred sentence to allow him "to show you have learnt your lesson".

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