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Man stranded after vandals steal his mobility trike

A man with cerebral palsy has been left housebound and facing a hefty bill after vandals attacked his mobility trike.

David Hall told of his distress after someone put stones in the engine. The 26-year-old, who is completely immobile, relies on the trike as his only means of transport. Without it, he cannot carry out simple tasks.

Designed and built to suit cerebral palsy sufferers, it allows them to move around independently without assistance.

Mr Hall discovered the damage when he went to buy fuel for the trike earlier this month.

After numerous failed attempts to start the engine, he realised that it had been tampered with.

He believes it will cost more than £600 to repair, but as he only earns £400 a month he is at a loss as to how he will pay the bill.

It’s the second time the Coleraine man has had his trike targeted. His first was stolen just weeks after it was bought for him.

“I don’t know who could have done this to me or why I have been singled out, it’s very unfair that I’ve been put through this again,” he said. “I think someone saw me using the trike and followed me home. They wanted to damage it, but why, I don’t know.”

The damage came to light when he tried to go to the shop for fuel.

“It kept losing power and then the engine seized and I had to pull it on to the hard shoulder,” he said. “I rang a garage for help and they came and had to take me home. The following morning it was discovered the engine had been damaged when some nasty person put stones in to the oil tank and wrecked it.

“The low-life person who did this must not have anything better to do.

“I don’t know how I will find the money to fix it. It could amount to another couple of hundred pounds, which I cannot afford. I only have a choice of food or getting it repaired. I don’t have that sort of money.

“These people are sick in the head and don’t realise what they have done because it’s my only means of getting around.”

Without the trike he is fully reliant on his mother. He added: “I have lived in this house for eight years and just can’t understand why I have been targeted again.”

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