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Man tells of horror with drunken revellers on flight from Belfast to Majorca

There were issues on an Easyjet flight.
There were issues on an Easyjet flight.

A man has told of how a flight from Belfast to Majorca descended into chaos due to drunken and unruly passengers.

Ollie Forsyth told BBC Radio Ulster's Nolan Show that last Thursday's Easyjet flight EJU6711 from Belfast International Airport had to be met by Spanish police due to disorder on board.

He said he was a regular passenger on the route and accepted it was normally "quite lively", but that as soon as he and his wife got on the plane they knew that there was going to be a problem.

Mr Forsyth said that passengers were obviously drunk and some were unable to walk properly.

He told the Nolan Show that he and his wife wanted to leave the plane but decided to remain after being told by the steward that passengers would be limited to one alcoholic drink each during the flight.

He said that the drinks trolley remained trapped at the back of the plane as passengers approached and treated it like "a bar".

Mr Forsyth described passengers shouting abusive language and that a lady with down syndrome was "absolutely petrified" and put her hands over her head she was "so scared".

He said that among the passengers were hen parties wearing t-shirts with vulgar slogans that he described as "absolutely revolting".

"It was not nice, people just seemed to have lost the thing of being decent and respectful to other people around them," Mr Forsyth said.

"It was like being in a noisy bar, Spanish police were waiting for us when we arrived in Palma, people were that drunk they didn't care.

"We were held on the plane for 30-45 minutes after we landed. My understanding is there were people detained, a number of people were kept on the plane. It was unreal."

Mr Forsyth said that if the plane had encountered any difficulties there would have been safety issues as some of the passengers were so drunk.

"There were kids, there were elderly people, I felt so sorry for the lady with down syndrome.

"When we did land instead of going to an airbridge we were taken off the plane and put on to buses which was as bad again with the roaring and shouting."

In a statement Easyjet said that the plane was met by police on arrival in Spain.

A spokesperson said that Easyjet have strict guidelines on the consumption of alcohol on board.

"There was evidence of passengers drinking their own alcohol on board during the flight," the spokesperson said.

"For the safety of all on board it is prohibited for passengers to drink alcohol purchased in the airport during a flight.

"The crew is trained to assess situations and act appropriately to ensure the safety of the flight and other passengers safety was not compromised at any time. "

One customer told the Nolan Show that he had received a refund from Easyjet and a £75 payment.

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