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Man to pay cop he spat on £500

A District Judge has ordered a 24-year-old unemployed man, who admitted spitting into the face of a police officer, to pay him compensation of £500.

Barney McElholm made the compensation order in the case of Gary Coll, who committed the offence outside his Inishowen Gardens home in Creggan, Londonderry, on March 18.

A prosecution solicitor told the Magistrates Court in Derry that police were called to the house by Coll's mother who was worried he could have a seizure after he arrived home drunk while on medication.

After he spat on the officer's face Coll was handcuffed and arrested.

Defence solicitor Leona Keegan said Coll later apologised to the officer.

The judge deferred sentenced for three months to enable Coll to save money to pay the compensation order.

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