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Man 'told officer he would bite nose off'


A man rearrested weeks after a drunken hospital incident threatened to bite a policeman's nose off, the High Court heard.

Louis Maguire (25) lunged at the officer and called him a "smelly Orange b******", prosecutors yesterday claimed.

Maguire, with a hostel address on Belfast's University Street, faces charges of disorderly behaviour and two separate counts of assault on police.

He was first arrested following an incident at the Royal Victoria Hospital on June 1 when police intervened as he struggled and swore at staff trying to escort him from the A&E, the court heard.

As officers tried to decide what to do with him he attempted to headbutt one of them, according to the prosecution.

Although eventually released, Maguire was detained again when police were called to disturbances at his sister's home last Sunday.

Prosecutor Fiona O'Kane, who said he had been drinking vodka at the time, told the court: "Whilst en route back to custody he said: 'I will bite your nose off, you smelly Orange b******'.

"He lunged at a police officer, putting him in fear that he was going to strike him."

Releasing him on bail, Mr Justice Horner warned Maguire he must seek immediate medical help for alcohol addiction.

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