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Man waged campaign of violence against ex-girlfriend, court hears

A man threatened to kill a woman, dump her in a ditch and make it look like suicide, a court has heard
A man threatened to kill a woman, dump her in a ditch and make it look like suicide, a court has heard

By Staff Reporter

A man threatened to kill a woman, dump her in a ditch and make it look like suicide, a court has heard.

It was part of an alleged campaign of stalking, control, alienation and violence lasting for a year after the woman ended a relationship with her ex-partner.

Dwayne McCoy (25) of Mullanmore Road, Carrickmore, faces a series of charges, dating back to September 2018, when the relationship ended, although police believe he managed to retain "control" of the injured party.

Dungannon Magistrates Court heard multiple allegations of assaults, threats to kill and destroy property, criminal damage, kidnap, choking, harassment, unlawful detention and wasting police time.

Opposing bail, a detective explained the matters which led to McCoy's arrest relate to August 24 and 25, beginning when he rang police reporting the injured party's car stolen.

When police spoke to her they were told the report was untrue and the woman disclosed a disturbing campaign by McCoy, ongoing since she ended their relationship.

It is alleged that prior to making the false report, McCoy rang the victim demanding to know where her car was.

He said if she failed to tell him he would report it stolen, which he ultimately did.

He forced her to collect him in her car and having done so, a confrontation occurred. She tried to escape but was pulled back by the throat. McCoy, it is claimed, "threatened to kill the injured party, dump her body in a ditch and make it look like suicide".

A previous incident alleges McCoy dragged the woman upstairs in a pub and punched her.

McCoy, the court heard, frequently went to the injured party's workplace, sometimes hiding in a tree, watching and waiting for her. He knew she would not create a scene at work and was afraid of getting into trouble.

There were frequent threats to kill and assaults, and an instance of false imprisonment, it is alleged.

Police observed bruising to injured party's face and arm, some resembling finger marks. Due to visible bruising previously, the injured party was forced to avoid going home as her father would have been concerned.

Under defence cross-examination, and asked if McCoy co-operated during interview, the detective replied: "He gave largely 'no comment' responses or remained silent. He only spoke to confirm the injured party had been his girlfriend, and to deny he had access to social media."

Urging bail to be granted, the defence said: "All offences are strongly denied."

It was contended McCoy's home address is 25 miles from the injured party's, which would be sufficient distance.

But District Judge John Meehan disagreed, remarking: "In this electronic age, 25 miles is not much use. The dangers are very obvious to the court. Bail is refused."

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