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Man who attacked ex-partner walks free

A man who brandished a six-inch blade at his ex-partner while threatening her and her family has walked free from court after his 18-month jail term was suspended for two years.

Belfast Crown Court heard how Cheikh Ba (25), then living with Donna McKane at Rosapenna Street, Belfast, erupted in anger at moving out of the home. He falsely imprisoned and assaulted Ms McKane, robbing her of £29 and a bank card, smashing her mobile phone and stabbing a settee.

Prosecution counsel Amanda Brady told how the couple had decided to split. He packed a bag but went drinking. The incident erupted the following morning, August 26 last year, when he returned and learned Ms McKane had ordered a taxi to take him away.

Ms Brady said the defendant pleaded guilty to all eight charges of false imprisonment, robbery, possession of a knife with intent to commit robbery, two counts of assault and three counts of criminal damage.

 Defence lawyer Joe Brolly told the court his client felt “fully ashamed and was full of regret” for his loss of control.

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