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Man who beat ex-girlfriend 'all night long' avoids prison

By Alan Erwin

A bloodied and bruised woman followed into a Belfast bus station by her knife-brandishing boyfriend, claimed he had beaten her all night, a court has heard.

Fabio Monteiro was given a four-month suspended prison sentence, after he admitted carrying out the assault on Sunday.

The 27-year-old also pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon in public.

Monteiro, a Portuguese national of no-fixed abode, was arrested after police were called to the Europa Bus Centre on Glengall Street.

Belfast Magistrates' Court heard his girlfriend said he had followed her there and tried to pull a knife on her. The accused was detained and found to be carrying a Stanley knife.

As he appeared in the dock, a prosecution lawyer revealed: "Police observed dried blood and bruising on the injured party, who explained that (Monteiro) 'had been beating me all night'."

Examining the defendant's criminal record in Portugal, District Judge, Fiona Bagnall, said it suggested someone with difficulty in managing relationships.

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