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Man who killed my David must not walk free: ex-wife

The ex-wife of a man brutally murdered in his east Belfast home seven years ago has spoken out on a campaign to release his killer.

David Hamilton died after being viciously beaten in his flat in the Ballybeen estate in 2004.

Local man Mark Kincaid was sentenced to 16 years for his part in the murder — but his family have relentlessly campaigned on his behalf, claiming there has been a miscarriage of justice.

This Saturday, a ‘Walk of Freedom’ has been planned in a bid to step up attempts to have him |released.

Back in March Mr Kincaid was even visited by First Minister Peter Robinson in a move that boosted the hopes of his family.

For one woman though, the continued campaign has proven too much.

Talking exclusively to the Community Telegraph, Angela Moore told how she contemplated taking her own life as the stress of the situation became unbearable.

From her home on the Ballybeen estate, a tearful Angela said of the planned walk this weekend: “It’s disgusting — do they have no shame? They know he’s been convicted beyond reasonable doubt. He was there, he took part in the murder.

“They are portraying him as an innocent man with a child — this is a false image.

“He has a criminal record and would have a bigger one only people are terrified of him.

“They were all part of a gang and they terrorised everyone from pensioners to teenagers.

“They threw their weight about. He’s a bully and a thug. If it was my son who murdered someone like that, I wouldn’t want him out again to put other people in danger.”

The lifelong DUP voter said she has been left “absolutely shocked” by the First Minister’s prison visit.

She said: “We’ve always been DUP people. I called his wife Iris at the time and she came and sat there and cried with us, sympathised with us.

“She actually went on the TV and made an appeal. Now Peter Robinson is helping them.

“I’d like to invite Peter Robinson, who went all the way to Maghaberry to visit a convicted murderer to my home and ask Mr Robinson what’s going on in his head? Has my family not suffered enough?

“My father fought for 27 years in the British Army for the freedom of the people in this country.

“My family never lifted a stone or a stick to anyone in anger — we have been law abiding citizens.

“And this is how we are treated. Why? What did David do to deserve this? Why is my family treated like this?

“And how long is this going to continue? Are they going to wait until I can’t take it any more?”

Angela revealed that she has been on medication for stress, anxiety and depression since David’s murder. Her 20-year-old son Tony took his own life two years ago, which she says was a result of the stress in her family home. Her daughter moved away because of the situation.

“I was at the point where I thought about committing suicide myself,” she admitted.

“Only for the grace of God and the good Christian people who upheld me in prayer and helped me... it’s only by the grace of God that I’m still alive.”

Angela also said that she was forced to quit her job in a local pub — where the walk is starting from on Saturday — and can’t leave the house alone due to fear.

Angela remembers David as a loving character and says they remained best friends despite splitting before his murder.

“He was a church-going fella, he went to the Methodist church,” she said. “He didn't bother with anyone. Just liked his music and his football.

“After a few years we found we were getting on more like brother and sister and decided to call it a day. Years later, we got back together, but we were like brother and sister.

“There was no nastiness in the split. We spent birthdays together. If he had a problem, he would come to me. If I had a problem, I’d go to him for advice. He was just a quiet fella, a bit of a laugh. He would have done anything for anyone.”

Turning back to Kincaid, Angela said: “They found Kincaid’s thumbprint on the broken glass that was used to hit David with. It was found four inches from David’s head on the floor.

“He stood outside that court laughing at us.

“Is this the behaviour of an innocent man?”

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