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Man who shouted 'up the provos' while assaulting police fined £800


Belfast's Delhi Street / Credit: Google Maps

Belfast's Delhi Street / Credit: Google Maps

Belfast's Delhi Street / Credit: Google Maps

A Belfast man who shouted "up the provos" and assaulted two police officers has been fined £800.

Simon Niblock, 39, became aggressive after the constables arrived at his Delhi Street home in the early hours on February 17, the city's Magistrates Court heard on Wednesday.

A Crown lawyer said the officers went to the address following a report from a woman crying on the phone.

She told police there had been an altercation with her partner Niblock.

According to the prosecution the defendant began to shout and slur his words as he pushed past one of the officers.

"He shouted 'Up the Provos' and was then informed that he was being arrested," the lawyer said.

As attempts were made to put him in handcuffs Niblock struck out at the jaw of one of the officers.

Police managed to get one cuff on before removing it again amid fears it could be used as a weapon, the court heard.

Niblock was eventually detained and taken into custody.

He was convicted on two counts of assault on police and a further charge of resisting arrest.

Defence counsel Sean Mullan acknowledged: "This was a very unseemly incident."

He described his client as a man with "a good job on the Lisburn Road" who had taken too much alcohol.

"Clearly that doesn't excuse what has happened," the barrister added.

Imposing total fines of £800, District Judge Fiona Bagnall also imposed a further £15 offender levy.

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