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Man who tried to sell HIV 'cure' sentenced


A Zimbabwean man who was convicted of an online scam selling products which claimed to cure HIV infection has been sentenced to 240 hours of community service by a court in Belfast.

Admare Jinga, a 31-year-old graduate of the University of Ulster, was convicted last month of fraud by misrepresentation and pleaded guilty to a second charge of marketing medicines for human use without proper authorisation.

It is the first prosecution of its kind in Northern Ireland.

Jinga set up a company in Belfast which advertised his devices overseas, especially to parts of his native Zimbabwe which had been ravaged by Aids.

Jinga, who now lives in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, will carry out his community service over the next 12 months.

Belfast Magistrate's Court was told that Jinga established Savec Healthcare Ltd in 2007 when he was living in south Belfast.

Up until 2009 it marketed products which it claimed could prevent or stop Aids. The machine was found to be a pain relief device which transmitted electric current to stimulate the nerves.

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