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Man with colostomy bag felt ‘violated’ over airport search

A Northern Ireland man who lives with a colostomy bag has told how he felt violated by his treatment from a security guard at an English airport.

James Cahoon (67), from Ballymena, was travelling through Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport earlier this week when the incident happened.

Despite explaining his condition and offering to show both his colostomy bag and doctor’s letter, the security guard ignored Mr Cahoon’s requests for privacy and instead performed a public search.

Mr Cahoon yesterday said he felt “violated” by the experience and vowed never to travel through an airport again.

Mr Cahoon explained how when he went to go through security at the airport he was forced to remove his belt, which kept his trousers in place over the colostomy bag.

“He made me stand over to the side and take my belt off. I had to stand with two hands up against a partition and I felt the trousers coming down.”

A spokesperson for Securitas — the security company who operate at the airport — said it was “very sorry” for the incident.

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