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Manchester attack: Appeal for Belfast City Hall to fly Union flag at half mast

By Brett Campbell

Belfast City Council has been slammed for failing to fly the Union flag at half mast in tribute to the Manchester bombing victims.

Belfast City Hall was lit up red, white and blue on Tuesday night, but the Union flag is only flown on 18 designated days per year.

The Union flag was flown over Cork City Hall in the Republic in memory of the victims.

Belfast resident Natasha Guy (32) was just one of many who called for it to fly in Belfast too.

"This isn't about politics, it's about respect," she said. "They didn't die for a cause and we should show solidarity and support at a time like this."

High Sheriff of Belfast Tom Haire said he raised the issue with the council yesterday. He said: "I would support the flag flying at half mast and I can't see why it should be a problem."

A council spokesman said it was not aware of any proposal being received over the flag. "Any change to the designated flag policy is a matter for councillors to consider," he added.

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