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Manchester United icon George Best's Jaguar up for sale

By Valerie Edwards

The black Jaguar E-Type that was the pride and joy of Manchester United legend George Best is up for sale.

The roadster will be auctioned on October 14 and is expected to fetch between £40,000 and £60,000.

Originally designed to race, it was capable of hitting 150mph. When new, the V12 engine produced 314 horsepower and could sprint from 0-60mph in 6.8 seconds.

For three years the Northern Ireland winger owned the E-Type V12 - longer than many of his romantic relationships lasted.

He finally sped away from Old Trafford in the 1971 sports car following another quarrel with manager Tommy Docherty in 1973 and was never to play for the Red Devils again.

Jaguar made fewer than 8,000 of the Series II model of the E-Type and nicknamed it the "ultimate cat".

The Jag even earned real street cred when Enzo Ferrari described it as "the most beautiful car ever made".

Sales director of Duxford-based H&H Classics Damian Jones said: "Once in a while a car comes along that - even I, surrounded as I am by the best classics in the world - makes me think of reaching for my chequebook.

"This is one of those cars. I have no doubt that there will be thousands of people who will share that feeling with me.

"This car is a legend and was owned by a legend.

"It does not get much better than that."

Best became one of the first celebrity footballers but ultimately fell victim to his alcoholism in 2005 aged 59.

He scored 137 times for United in 361 appearances.

He helped his team to victory in the European Cup and was crowned European Footballer of the year in 1968, but to some he was more famous for his off-field behaviour.

He was once quoted as saying: "I spent 90% of my money on women, drink and fast cars.

"The rest I wasted."

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