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Man's ear bitten in gang attack

A SOUTH Belfast man who had his ear nearly bitten off in an alleged racist attack by a gang of five youths has said that he has been left confused after coming to Northern Ireland for a better life.

Khader Jagore (30), originally from Africa, was set upon by a gang of three women and two men on the Lisburn Road at around 11.30pm on Tuesday, August 20.

The man, who became a British citizen in 2010, had fled violence in Sudan almost 10 years ago and now lives in the village area of south Belfast.

Mr Jagore needed stitches to his ear and received several cuts and bruises to his legs and his hands after he tried to escape from the gang in the unprovoked attack.

The gang are said to have shouted racist abuse after pulling him to the ground and kicking him repeatedly before one of them fell on him and bit his ear. The attackers only fled after a passing car stopped at the scene.

Police said that after receiving a report of an incident in south Belfast, police inquiries are continuing to establish the circumstances.

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