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Manx biker Paul races to Belfast in time for birth of his baby son

Ulster Grand Prix newcomer and proud dad, Paul Cassidy with his partner Naomi and their new baby boy
Ulster Grand Prix newcomer and proud dad, Paul Cassidy with his partner Naomi and their new baby boy
Paul preparing his bike

By Staff Reporter

The Ulster Grand Prix has taken delivery of a very special newcomer for this year's races.

Paul Cassidy and his partner Naomi McCarroll arrived in Northern Ireland at the weekend - although it turned out that there would be another surprise arrival by a new family member.

The Manxman, who has never raced in Ireland before, is here to compete in this week's road races at Dundrod.

On Monday morning, heavily pregnant Naomi was whisked off to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast and a few hours later the couple became the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy.

"Naomi is originally from Carrickfergus and she was with her mum on Monday when I got a phone call to say she had some pains in her stomach and was going to hospital," Paul explained.

"I was changing sprockets and spannering the bike in the paddock but I managed to get there in time for the birth."

Naomi hadn't been expected to give birth until August 19 but mother and baby are doing well. The 7lb 4oz boy still doesn't have a name, though the proud parents have a few ideas.

"Naomi's dad Vinnie died just a couple of weeks ago so we will probably name our baby after him, but I'd like to also get a name that links into the Ulster Grand Prix as well," Paul said.

"After all, it's not everyday you come over here and something like this happens!"

The Manxman came to Dundrod after hearing the recommendations from Irish friends in the paddock.

"They say it is their favourite meeting of the year and the circuit does look incredible," Paul says.

Despite the extra responsibility of his new arrival, the 31-year-old has vowed to continue with his plans to race his R6 Yamaha in the Supersport races at the Ulster Grand Prix.

"I am really looking forward to getting out there," Paul said.

"The nurse at the hospital was telling me what the visiting hours were and when I said I wouldn't be able to get there in the afternoon because I had to attend the newcomer's briefing she wasn't very impressed."

But Paul said he's made a huge financial commitment to compete at Dundrod and Naomi fully supports his decision to race.

"She knows what I have put into our racing and is behind me all the way," Paul says.

"Naomi always helps in the paddock and you never know, she might make it up to Dundrod for the racing on Saturday with the baby to cheer me on!

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