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Many kids are almost addicted to it

Love it or hate it, there's no doubt that Minecraft has become a global phenomenon.

Played by tens of millions of kids across the world, it now seems that a game which looks like it was developed in the 1970s - so bad are the graphics - has become a recognised educational tool. And while the internet is full of sites proclaiming Minecraft as a wonderful and positive experience for kids, something doesn't sit well with me.

My 11-year-old son is one of those millions of players. Given the chance he would spend hours glued to the screen in the living room and at times would almost have to be prised away from his PS3 at dinner time.

He even has a Minecraft book to help him on his way to building his own world, crafting weapons and battling monsters and making chocolate-chip cookies.

It seems some kids have become almost addicted to Minecraft and no matter what supporters of the game say, it can't be healthy for children to spend hours glued to a TV screen when they could be out playing football or having fun with their friends.

I just don't see the big attraction with Minecraft and its horrible graphics.

I find it hard to understand the fascination that many kids (and adults) have for the game so while there may be some merit to the argument of its educational benefits, gone are the days when I allow my son to eat, sleep and breathe Minecraft.

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