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Map reveals luckiest lottery areas

The North East of England and Wales have topped a National Lottery league table of "millionaire hotspots", Camelot said.

A study which mapped the home regions for all 2,715 overnight millionaires created since the game was launched in 1994 has named the two locations as the luckiest areas to live.

Boasting 164 National Lottery millionaires, one in 14,211 North East residents has now banked a seven-figure jackpot prize.

Wales has seen 179 millionaires - one person in 14,502 - created over the last 16 years.

Third in the rankings was Yorkshire, with jackpot windfalls helping 272 lucky punters join the ranks of the rich.

The region with the fewest millionaire jackpot winners was Northern Ireland, where around 53 seven-figure or more winners were created.

The Millionaire Map, which includes both publicity and non-publicity winners, is based on the number of millionaires created per adult population.

"The map shows that more millionaires have been created in London, the Midlands and across the South East of England; however, statistically the North East is the luckiest part of the UK based on the number of winners versus the adult population," a National Lottery spokesman said.

"We are constantly asked what is the secret to winning, and everyone wants to know where is the luckiest shop, village, city and so on. This map gives a fascinating insight into the spread of our many millionaires and multi-millionaires around the UK but the fact remains anyone can win - it's a lottery."

The map was commissioned to mark Tuesday's EuroMillions roll-over which is expected to reach an estimated £138 million, the fifth biggest jackpot ever offered in the UK.


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