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Marathon diary

Only two weeks into my training and I’ve a decision to make; which marathon am I going to be running come May?

I hate decisions. The options, as far as I’m aware, are a full marathon, a half marathon, a walk, or a relay? Oh, and a fun run. I certainly ain’t up for running in a Barney costume, so I think I’m edging towards the half marathon.

I don’t want this to sound like a lack of ambition, because it isn’t. It’s just me being realistic. At the minute, I’m running just two miles a night, and although I plan doubling that this week, I just don’t feel I’ll be up to doing the full |distance.

A half marathon, to my understanding, is around 13 miles, so that in itself is a challenge and one I do feel up to.

The training this week has been much like last week — three runs, one on a Monday, one on a Wednesday and one on a Friday.

I did my usual swim on Saturday too. Again, I did just 20 lengths, but am pleased to say I completed them in 15 minutes this time, as opposed to 20 last week — a progression marked with a rather long stint in the Jacuzzi.

As I look to stepping up my training this week, I note some of the tips on the Belfast City Marathon website — keep a record of your training programme; don’t overdo it; drink lots of fluids; eat a diet that is rich in carbohydrates; pay attention to injuries; run with others; run a race; use the correct equipment; wear the right shoes; run the route; and be confident.

All of these seem doable. The bit about diet I feel is one of the biggest challenges and, as I said last week, I plan on sitting down with a nutritionist to discuss the best way of striking a healthy balance.

I hope to write about my progress to that end next week, but until then, it’s another week of running and trying to push myself that bit further. I’ve actually found myself looking forward to these runs, so I imagine that bodes well for the coming months.

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