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Marchers given 4pm Ardoyne deadline

By John Mulgrew

A contentious Twelfth of July parade in north Belfast will now make its return journey past the Ardoyne shops earlier than in previous years.

Last night the Parades Commission ordered marchers to return by 4pm and said the timing was brought forward to reduce public disorder and disruption to local residents.

The shops on the Crumlin Road have long been a flashpoint for trouble during the Twelfth. Last year police officers were injured as crowds of more than 200 threw missiles and petrol bombs.

The Parades Commission said it was disappointed to have to make a determination “in the context of recent local dialogue”.

However, those talks between residents' groups and parade bodies — chaired by former Assembly Speaker Lord Alderdice — ended in failure at the start of the month.

A protest parade by the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) must now assemble and leave by 5.30pm.

Spokesman Dee Fennell said he was disappointed with the decision which he said would “inhibit” the protest march.

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