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Marchers remember Fallen from Battle of the Somme

By Victoria O'Hara

A UVF regimental band dressed in 1916 period Army uniforms has led hundreds of Orangemen through Belfast for the Battle of the Somme Anniversary Parade.

Large crowds cheered more than 40 lodges and 37 bands as they made their way through the east of the city.

The parade, which marched off from Templemore Avenue, commemorates the contribution of the 36th Ulster Division, which saw thousands of its volunteers slaughtered at the Somme.

As the ‘mini Twelfth’ passed the nationalist Short Strand, nationalist residents held a protest.

The new Lord Mayor of Belfast, Gavin Robinson, was among those parading.

The chair of the parade organising committee, deputy District Master Raymond McMichael, said: “The parade just continues to grow year on year; it is always such a special evening.”

A short act of remembrance was held when the head of the parade reached the War Memorial on the Belmont Road.

A wreath was laid and the Last Post played as the parade honoured the war dead.

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