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Margaret Ritchie sounds warning over Sellafield nuclear expansion

By Colin O'Carroll

Outgoing SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie said the Government’s report into the Fukushima disaster, due to be published this week, must not be used to revive nuclear expansion plans.

Ms Ritchie, who will speak on an adjournment debate on nuclear power programmes and Sellafield in the House of Commons today, said: “The hurried report expected this week into the Fukushima disaster must not give rise to further nuclear installations in the UK.

“Rather, the British Government should be making efforts to close nuclear stations and ensure that there is comprehensive decommissioning of those plants which are no longer active.”

The South Down MP said she was worried about the future, adding: “The health risks posed to people by Sellafield have been well documented and so have the objections of people on our island, particularly in coastal areas, to the expansion of nuclear stations.”\[Michael McSwiggan\]

“With such historical and on-going opposition to the production and storage of nuclear waste only miles from our coasts, the SDLP at Westminster will be calling on the British Government to stall their nuclear expansion plans.”

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