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Marion Millican killing: Fred McClenaghan found guilty of murdering ex-girlfriend

A 52-year-old man has been found guilty of murdering his former girlfriend at a laundrette in Portstewart.

Fred McClenaghan - of Broad Street in Magherafelt - was convicted of shooting dead Marion Millican in March 2011.

It's the second time he has been convicted of murdering the mother-of four.

McClenaghan's original conviction was quashed on a technicality and a retrial was ordered.

While the 52-year-old father-of-two showed no emotion at the verdict at Antrim Crown Court, in the public gallery just behind him, there were muted cheers and clapping from Mrs Millican's family and friends.

As McClenaghan was led off, a shout came from the gallery: "You took our Marion and we won't forget it".

By their verdict the jury clearly rejected McClenaghan’s admission, as had the prosecution, that he was guilty only of manslaughter, and his claims that his ex-partner’s death was a "horrific accident".

Throughout the case, the prosecution have always rejected his explanation for the events of the day - insisting that it was "murder, pure and simple".

McClenaghan - who refused to give evidence on his own behalf - had claimed in a statement to police that he had gone to the launderette to kill himself in front of Mrs Millican, but the shotgun went off after a struggle.

Today, after a second trial he was found guilty of Marion Millican's murder.

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