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Mark Durkan returned as MP for Foyle as turnout drops

By Donna Deeney

It was no surprise that Mark Durkan was once more returned as MP for Foyle.

Even with a drop in the turnout of more than 4%, with just 37,528 of an eligible 70,035 of the electorate going out to vote in this constituency, Mr Durkan comfortably retained the seat.

This time a total of 17,725 people voted for Mr Durkan, an increase of 16,922 from the 2010 general election.

Sinn Fein saw its vote fall from 12,098 in 2010 to 11,679 this time round.

The DUP's Gary Middleton maintained almost exactly the same support as last time with 4,573 votes.

While Mr Durkan expressed disappointment that the turnout had fallen, and indeed his vote followed suit, he was nonetheless buoyant that he was going to take his seat in the House of Commons and remained adamant there would be no deals with the Conservatives.

He said: "We will not do any deal that will prop up a Conservative Government or to support them in austerity budgets, unlike the DUP who supported the austerity budgets.

"I am disappointed that the turnout is down but we predicted that it would be. There is a disaffection with the political process."

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