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Mark H Durkan in UK delegation at Paris climate summit

By Linda Stewart

Environment Minister Mark H Durkan will be pressing for a global agreement that would restrict worldwide temperature increase to 2C at the Paris talks next week.

The minister will head to France tomorrow to take part in the global climate change conference as part of the UK delegation.

Mr Durkan was successful in narrowly pushing through a Stormont vote earlier this week calling for tougher and more immediate action on climate change. With 46 in favour and 43 against, MLAs said a Climate Bill for Northern Ireland should include "legally binding, long-term and interim targets" on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Last week Mr Durkan circulated a high-level discussion paper to stakeholders on the form a Climate Change Bill for Northern Ireland could take. He said the narrow vote showed there was a need to convince many in the Assembly that action was not just advantageous but necessary.

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