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Marr hits out at BBC move to lift lid on stars' wages

By Narjas Zatat

The BBC will reveal the salaries of its highest paid stars, in a move which Andrew Marr says will prove "uncomfortable."

As per the requirements of the new BBC talent pay disclosure plans, outlined in the Royal Charter at the end of last year, senior stars earning more than £150,000 from the licence fee are to have their exact salaries released.

Senior executives earning more than £150,000 are already required to release their salaries, but the amount individual stars, or "talent", are paid has traditionally been kept secret.

Broadcaster Andrew Marr spoke at the China Exchange on Friday, where he made his views clear. "It's uncomfortable for all of us," the Sunday Telegraph reported. "I'm well paid but I'm much less overpaid, perhaps, than people working for rival organisations who won't go through this process."

A leaked review of salaries in BBC's news division in 2016 suggested journalists were paid some 40% more than those in similar roles at large media companies like Sky and ITV. Nevertheless, he admits that his salary will soon be public knowledge.

In 2011, a mix up with his pay slip led to suggestions Mr Marr's annual income was £580,000. He said the figure was "not true" and his pay was "much less than that," the Telegraph reported.

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