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Martin hints Fianna Fail could sit in Westminster

Micheal Martin
Micheal Martin

By Aoife Moore

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin has suggested that the Irish party could send MPs to Westminster if it decided to stand in Northern Ireland.

But he said talks of a Fianna Fail merger with the SDLP are a work in progress.

Speaking at his party's think-in yesterday in Malahide, Co Dublin, Mr Martin said no formal decision was made, but made reference to the abstentionist policy of elected Sinn Fein MPs who do not take their seats in Westminster.

"The great scandal of the moment is that the anti-Brexit majority in Northern Ireland is not represented in the Assembly, they are not represented in the Executive and not represented in Westminster.

"If people don't want to take their seats in Westminster, they should not contest the election and they should leave it open to people who want to take their seats."

The two parties have talked about co-operating in the past, however these talks are part of a merger being discussed at the highest levels of both parties, including SDLP leader Colum Eastwood and other senior officials.

When Mr Martin was asked if his party members would swear an oath and send their party members to Westminster, he replied he would not let members contest elections and not take their seats.

He added: "We've made no decision in relation to the north, it is a work in progress, but we are engaged and we do accept the constitution of settlement of the Good Friday Agreement."

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