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Martin jumps for joy after £1m scratchcard win

By Valerie Edwards

Martin McKenna thought he was being pranked when he bought a National Lottery Millionaire 777 Red scratchcard worth £1 million.

The 35-year-old bank worker went to Tesco Knocknagoney to pick up a few groceries and bought two scratchcards.

He won £20 on his first card and decided to collect the money. While he was waiting to be served he scratched the Millionaire 777 Red scratchcard and to his shock won £1m. Martin said: "I couldn't shake the idea that someone was pranking me and that the scratchcard wasn't real. I left the queue and continued my shopping as I tried to process what was going on."

He checked with the cashier to make sure the scratchcard was valid. He said: "When I look back now I think I was in shock. So I asked the cashier if the scratchcards they sold were all real, to which he replied that they were all genuine."

Martin sat in his car in disbelief before driving home unsure how he would reveal the news to his girlfriend Ceri.

"As soon as I walked through the door she was holding a big pot of spaghetti so I told her to put it down, that I had some news for her. However, when I told her that I'd just won £1m on a scratchcard she just couldn't believe it - in fact she didn't," said Martin.

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