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Martin McGuinness should talk to Smithwick Tribunal: Peter Robinson


Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson

First Minister Peter Robinson has suggested Martin McGuinness should give evidence to the Smithwick Tribunal over allegations he ordered ‘human bomb’ attacks during the Troubles.

The DUP leader said that given Sinn Fein demands for an international Truth Commission it would be a “good first step” if his Stormont counterpart went to the Dublin inquiry into alleged Garda collusion with the IRA.

But he added the evidence would only have political implications for the power-sharing administration if it could be held up in a court. Mr Robinson also admitted he has not discussed the barrage of allegations with the Deputy First Minister.

Ex-spy Ian Hurst told the tribunal earlier this week that Mr McGuinness, Sinn Fein’s deputy leader, authorised human bomb attacks.

In an interview with UTV, Mr Robinson said: “If people have committed crimes then they’re answerable, no matter what their position, and if there’s evidence and it’s brought forward then it’s up to due process to determine.”

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