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Mary linked to top award

North Belfast community worker Mary Kelly is in line to pick up a ‘Neighbour of the Year’ award at the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards for her 30 years of cross-community work in the Skegoneill/Glandore area.

Mary has worked tirelessly there, despite three attacks on her home during the past year.

The awards will be broadcast nationwide on ITV next Wednesday (November 10).

Mary told the Community Telegraph she “wasn’t expecting” the news, “but I think it’s lovely to be acknowledged,” she said.

“Anything I have done, has been done with the help of people, to make this a better place for everyone. I went out to see what could be done, rather than watch the place go down the tubes.”

Mary said she is looking forward to her trip to London and shared her secret on how to be a ‘good neighbour’.

“Just care about where you live and address the problems as they come. There’s no point sitting behind your door. If we all sat behind our doors, we’d all still be there and nothing would be done.”

On the award, she added: “If I did win, I’d like to think I was representing all those people who worked alongside me .”

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