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Mauled to death: Vicious dog carries out horror attack in Antrim woodland on pet

Three-year-old dachshund Dixon who was killed by another dog in Glengormley
Three-year-old dachshund Dixon who was killed by another dog in Glengormley
Allan Preston

By Allan Preston

A Co Antrim dog owner has told of his horror after watching his pet dachshund being mauled to death.

The 26-year-old, from Glengormley, who asked not to be named, said he was walking in a woodland area beside Carnmoney Hill on Tuesday when the shocking attack happened.

His three-year-old dachshund Dixon had been running slightly ahead of him at the time while his two Staffordshire bull terriers remained on the lead.

He said: "I was coming down the hill and was approached by a smaller white dog with bull prick ears, possibly a staffy-husky mix.

"It was off the lead and started to pester my dogs, at that point another large, blue coloured bully/bullmastiff-type dog came round the corner and killed Dixon on the spot.

"Within seconds he was dead. I kicked the dog, but it was too late."

He said the animal's owner appeared moments later and described him as having a shaved head, spoke with an English accent and was around 40 to 50-years-old.

"He came and pulled his dog away," the distraught man said.

"I told him he had killed my dog and he just said 'sorry mate'.

"I started screaming at him to put his other dog on the lead, which he didn't do. At this point, my other two dogs are going apoplectic, absolutely crazy.

"I trailed them over to the grass while screaming at him again to get his other dog on the lead."

The traumatised owner said he then took his pets back to his van and called the police.

He added that the other man was nowhere to be seen but believed his car was still parked nearby.

"My family is devastated by this. We have a one-year-old son as well who doesn't understand where his wee dog is, it's awful," the man said.

He said the blame lay with the owner, not the dog.

"That dog owner was completely incompetent, he shouldn't have a pet," he said.

"We have two Staffordshire bull terriers, and never in my life have I let those dogs off the lead in a public place because it's not right or fair on other people.

"It doesn't matter that my dogs would be okay, other people's dogs might not be.

"We're big believers in that. I'm not here to bash breeds, I'm here to bash him.

"It's his fault that this happened."

He said he also felt frustrated by the limited powers of the dog warden to investigate the distressing incident.

However, he hoped a public appeal issued from the council would help. Antrim and Newtownabbey Council confirmed a report of a dog attack on Woodland Trust ground near Ballyduff Quarry was received around 4.15pm on Tuesday.

"In response, the council's senior enforcement officer attended the area immediately, to find that a dachshund type dog had been attacked and sadly died," it said.

"The owner of the dachshund was unable to obtain any contact details for the owner of the offending dog, who it is understood left the area quickly.

"We would appeal to the dog owner to make contact with us as soon as possible."

The investigating officer said that after further enquiries, the vehicle pointed out by the dachshund's owner was not linked to the incident.

"While our investigation is ongoing, the council has implemented additional enforcement patrols in the area and is urging members of the public to contact us immediately if they have any information that may help us in identifying the owner the of the attacking dog," the council said yesterday.

It added: "You can do so in confidence by contacting Ryan Johnston, senior enforcement officer on 028 9034 0160, or by email at

"Any details provided will be treated in the strictest confidence."

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