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Maybe you can drive my car: poll

Politicians may drive some to distraction but more than half the people do not want their leaders to drive them anywhere, according to a survey.

In a poll of 2,000 people, those surveyed were given a list of top politicians, including London mayor Boris Johnson, and were asked which of them they would choose to drive them to an important event.

As many as 53% elected to say they would not want to travel with any of them.

Mr Johnson got the vote of most in the survey by Allianz Insurance. The London mayor was chosen by just over 20% as their preferred driver.

Prime Minister David Cameron was next with 9.25%, with Ukip leader Nigel Farage polling 7.85%, Labour leader Ed Miliband getting 6.4% and Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg bottom of the poll with just 3.3%.

The area where most people responded to the none-of-the-above option was Northern Ireland where nearly 69% did not fancy a trip with any of the politicians and where nobody at all voted for Mr Clegg.

Londoners seemed most happy about having a politician drive their car, with fewer than 40% putting their X against the none-of-the-above box.

Mr Cameron fared worst in Northern Ireland (6.35%) and best in London (13.17%), while Mr Milliband polled worst in north east England (1.09%) and best in the West Midlands (13.13%).

Mr Johnson scored highest in London (23.95%) and lowest in Northern Ireland (12.5%), while Mr Farage had his lowest marks in Scotland (4.71%) and his highest in south east England (10.76%).

Having failed to gather any votes in Northern Ireland, Mr Clegg's biggest support came from East Anglia (5.5%).


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