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Mayor John Finucane to contest North Belfast for Sinn Fein in general election

Sinn Fein's John Finucane
Sinn Fein's John Finucane

The Lord Mayor of Belfast John Finucane is set to contest the next general election for a Westminster seat in North Belfast.

Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly confirmed he will nominate the councillor at the party's selection convention, set to take place on Sunday September 22nd in Belfast Castle.

Mr Kelly said: "With the chaos in Westminster continuing, the likelihood of an election is increasing daily.

"I am proud to be nominating the current Mayor of Belfast, John Finucane to stand for Sinn Féin in that election.

"That will be our opportunity to reject the madness of the Tory/DUP Brexit and build support for Irish Unity. Sinn Féin is ready to fight that election and to seize the opportunity to oust Brexiteer DUP MPs.

"Given the catastrophe that Westminster is attempting to force upon our island it is vital that we continue to show Dublin, Europe and the world that we reject Brexit, borders and the DUP.”

"I am confident that in John Finucane we can return a pro-Remain anti-Brexit MP in North Belfast."

Meanwhile, the Alliance Party has selected John Blair MLA to contest the South Antrim seat.

Mr Blair has been MLA for the area since replacing David Ford in June 2018.

"It is important we give everyone in Northern Ireland the chance to vote for the party which has the best chance of bringing together people of all shades from right across the community.

"We are the only Remain party who can win in South Antrim, with recent polls showing there is a strong possibility that is exactly what will happen," he said.

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