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Mayor's promise of a united positive legacy

By Bob Malcolm

Making a positive difference is the mayor of North Down's plan for his year in office.

He said that he wanted everyone to "work as one" across the borough to keep North Down moving forward.

Alliance Councillor Muir was speaking during his installation dinner on Thursday night, attended by North Down Councillors, community representatives and Alliance Party members – including guest speakers Alliance party leader David Ford MLA and east Belfast MP Naomi Long with entertainment from Priory Integrated College Holywood Choir.

Andrew Muir said: "I am determined to ensure my year is characterised by change, progress and delivering an enduring positive legacy for everyone. I dream of a shared, integrated and accepting society – why not?"

Councillor Muir spoke about his background with a proud Orange woman as his grandmother, a renowned Trade Unionist as his great grandfather and a late grandfather from a devout yet ecumenical Catholic background.

"As a Mayor from working class mixed marriage minority background I aim to show that politics can deliver for everyone.

"We have much to be proud of, including the ability to provide a forum for democratic debate when violence ensued outside, the provision of a world class marina, state of the art recycling centre and now the amazing Aurora Aquatic and Leisure complex.

"North Down Borough Council has consistently delivered good value for money to local ratepayers through a coherent partnership based power sharing approach.

"The new North Down and Ards Council will provide us with a great opportunity to expand, reach out and improve how services are delivered locally.

"Conscious Community Planning power will soon be devolved and I am keen to make a positive difference as the penultimate Mayor of North Down I have adopted "Working as One" as the theme for my year," he added.

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