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'May's mindset will guarantee she comes back from Brussels with nothing' blasts Sammy Wilson



Sammy Wilson

Sammy Wilson

Michael Cooper

Sammy Wilson

Theresa May is heading to Europe with a mindset that will "guarantee she comes back with nothing which is going to alleviate the fears" of the DUP, its Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson has warned.

The East Antrim MP hit out at the Prime Minister for continuing to support her deal despite widespread opposition to it in Parliament.

He warned on BBC Radio 4's Today she could only come back from talks with reassurances over the Irish border backstop which "don't mean anything when they are put against a legally-binding international agreement".

Mr Wilson told Today that holding and losing a meaningful vote would have strengthened Mrs May's bargaining position and urged her to call the EU's bluff by forcing it to choose between a no-deal Brexit or greater flexibility.


He said: "The pressure is on the EU because don't forget the European Union say they don't want no-deal either. The EU want our money and there is £39 billion resting on it.

"Do they really want to have to run around the capitals of Europe trying to fill up the hole in the budget which a no-deal situation would result in?

"Secondly, they need to have access to our market. Don't forget the EU countries have a 92 billion trade surplus with us so they cannot afford the impact which it may have on their jobs, on their factories, on their industry and their economies.

"We are always told the pressure is on Britain, (but) the pressure is on the EU unless we buckle."

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