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McCrea rounds on Sinn Fein over removal of Union flag

By Suzanne Breen

Former DUP MP, the Rev William McCrea, has told Sinn Fein politicians that if they want Irish tricolours, they can "go over the border" and get them because the Union flag is the one flying in Northern Ireland.

In contrast to the less hostile tone to Sinn Fein from other conference speakers, Mr McCrea said that Sinn Fein was his party's partner in government purely because it had an electoral mandate and the DUP had no choice.

"Other parties - the SDLP, the Alliance Party, the Ulster Unionists - they decided to run away from the Executive. Sinn Fein did not, they are there.

"Let me make this clear. If anybody thinks that, because they happen to be the other party in government, that we will not have the guts and determination whenever they do something wrong to state when they're doing it wrong, then they better wake up and smell the coffee."

Mr McCrea claimed that Sinn Fein had recently removed the Union flag from Magherafelt town centre where it had flown for half a century.

"It disappeared the other evening. They did it under the disguise of one of these schemes that you're going to 'do up the town'. That was a blatant sectarian decision. Let me remind Sinn Fein - they signed up to the Belfast Agreement, they acknowledged this is British Ulster."

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