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McDonnell earns ridicule for claim he helped save peace process

By Laura Abernethy

John McDonnell's controversial claim that his praise for the IRA may have saved lives led to widespread mockery across social media.

Viewers of BBC Question Time took to Twitter to speculate on the other moments in history that may be down to the new Shadow Chancellor.

Tweeters photoshopped pictures of the MP into famous images, crediting him for ending Apartheid, solving the Cuban missile crisis and even winning the Battle of Trafalgar.

Last night, Jeremy Corbyn's right-hand man said last night: "I accept it was a mistake to use those words, but actually if it contributed towards saving one life, or preventing someone else being maimed it was worth doing, because we did hold on to the peace process.

"There was a real risk of the republican movement splitting and some of them continuing the armed process. If I gave offence, and I clearly have, from the bottom of my heart I apologise, I apologise."

#McDonnellfacts spread quickly across twitter in response to his comments.

Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch joked Mr McDonnell had "brokered peace in the Cuban missile crisis with his 'compliment a commie' policy' and the trend soon took off.

@anthonypainter said: "Nelson Mandela was freed after John McDonnell gave a speech in favour of his release at Bermondsey CLP in 2005"

@Cgwillets ‏used a picture of Mr McDonnell replacing Neil Armstrong in the famous shot of the moon landing. He said: "John McDonnell actually spread the message of peace and unity much further than just NI"

McDonnell replaced Lord Nelson in Daniel Maclise's famous painting that hangs in the Houses of Parliament. In a post by @DavidMcAndrews. He joked: "John taking one for the team at Trafalgar."

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